3 min readJan 11, 2021


Wealth Gap Equals Evolutionary Gap:

Humans have evolved to react in a smaller/micro environment where fight or flight meant life or death (with predators). Fear of missing out meant life or death (for resources), causing humans to maintain a high time preference. This translates to many people today, that still rely on these traits in today’s environment. Our environment in the last hundred years is much different compared to the one we are used to (70,000 years or more). This creates negative effects because the environment is larger/macro. Because our environment has changed from life or death being potentially imminent, to now being far from imminent in most cases, our human traits often hinder us. Our health, wealth, and success was determined by embracing these traits more often, in the old environment. Today’s environment has inverted this so health, wealth, and success is determined by ignoring these traits more often.

For the majority of the population or bottom of the wealth gap:
All the cheaper products are now the most unhealthy ones. Debt is recommended more than savings. Success is considered to be retiring at a break even point financially, where nothing is left for your kids.

For the top 5% of the wealth gap:
Owning assets that forever inflate in price make eating healthy very simple. Debt is just a leveraging tool that is used to increase this assets that provide more wealth. Success is simple when these assets and knowledge of tax loopholes, can be passed on to their kids.

Because of this, the ever growing wealth gap creates two separate environments, which create an evolutionary gap as well. The rich evolve quickly into the new technological world, as their environment incentivise ignoring old human traits. The poor devolve as their incentives are determined by the rich and centralized powers to remain "comfortable" but increasingly unhealthy (by comparison).

We consistently choose to interact with social media like Facebook with dangerous psychological effects and brain numbing environments:

This is why bitcoin is necessary, to return the world back into a balanced environment. Where everyone has the same incentives, so the wealth/evolutionary gap is decreasing instead of increasing exponentially.
The other option is to continue down this road of imbalanced wealth to a point where the control of power is so centralized that it becomes a dictatorship, like China or Russia. Where free speech is non existent and neither is private ownership.




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