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The Law of Large Numbers and News:

Here is a link to a website that was created to take control of your news (literally). It uses machine learning to see both views. it has sliders to select so you can make your own decisions.

“We cannot control what people think, but we can control what people think about"- unknown

An issue that I see these days, is how much confusion and misinformation there is. It’s extremely upsetting, knowing what effects this can have. It causes arguments, protests, wars, and many other indirect misunderstandings. I try to aim for balance in life, but when it comes to my informational diet, this tends to be very hard. Humans always need constants because our evolution relied on being habitual for survival. This leads to attaching ourselves to things like family, groups of friends, parts of a community, daily routines, etc. This worked well in the past, but is now failing us when it concerns consuming information. Centralized information becomes a threat to our existence. When all of the major media outlets become controlled by just six monopolies, humans risk losing control of any truth.

I find bitcoin fascinating because it relates to so many different things. It also seems to be engineered in a completely balanced and fair way. It mimics natural laws of science and everything else that I compare it to. The issues start arising when the world lacks truth and then polarization happens. Far right believers quickly latch on to the idea of bitcoin as a weapon against the far left believers. As I learn more about bitcoin online, I am bombarded with algorithmic ads and internet suggestions of far right information sources. This is dangerous. I noticed a YouTube add that had far right news headlines and it stated it was reliable news. I quickly searched where it was funded from and more about the sources. It made me wonder how I could find unbiased news sources these days. Finding out that the major news sources are monopolized is disconcerting. Most people are too comfortable so they won’t put out effort to gather information or fact check. News has become a competition of negativity the attracts people.

The only thing that I can think of is to select suggested “unbiased” sources and treat all others as pieces of mixed information. This would theoretically allow the law of large numbers to average out the lies, but also truth. If there was an algorithmic method of rounding up news and sifting it into more reliable truth, I think we would be much better off. The other option is decentralizing control of information and reducing centralizing algorithms that direct people into dangerous echo chambers. You can support this by avoiding known monopolized information. This reduces ratings and removes power from centralized sources.

I urge people to remain skeptical about these things, and to understand the dangers of them. Look for balance and avoid violent and harsh cancel culture. Follow people with healthy morals and values, as they will attract or search for truth. Anchor yourself to natural laws of science and healthy values that align with them. People with strong, different beliefs often agree on many things.

I believe bitcoin has so much potential for unifying people over time but the transition will be chaotic. The on and off ramps to our existing systems will need to be sorted out. Many other issues will need to be decided on. This will be a volatile experience and will be reflected in bitcoin’s price.

It’s amazing to see the price graph as a reference to so many different things. A world-wide paradigm shift. A generational shift. A collapse of an old system and start of a new one. A measurement of understanding more truth throughout the world. A need for a constants in a chaotic world. So many things can be depicted from one single graph.

Bitcoin is volatile because it has code that doesn’t allow as much reaction to demand. It also is deflationary so when people that have large amounts of debt buy bitcoin as an investment, the first thing that they need to do is pay off that debt (when the investment pays off). These two aspects will create a large amount of volatility and fear around the adoption of bitcoin. This is to be expected, so consider this when using it. Dollar cost averaging and treating it as a long term investment becomes necessary as trading it is a career in itself (not a lucrative hobby but instead gambling).




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