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Anyone that doesn’t take their health seriously, and then blames everyone else for not keeping them alive is being a hypocrite. It’s well known that covid 19 is a virus that attacks the human cardiovascular system, and to keep your cardiovascular system healthy is critical to avoid death. Vitamin deficiency, poor diet, and lack of exercise is a main contributor to poor health. Viruses attack and affect weaker immune systems. The world has always worked around the rules of natural law (Darwinism is survival of the fittest and now, also the smartest).
If people that decide to sit around and watch TV all day, then complain about covid, that’s hypocrisy if they could be healthier. If the news provided people with more proactive information on how to stay healthy instead of just wear masks and become fearful, that would be more logical too. Most people are addicted to the news as it used to be the main trusted source of information. Times have changed and competition of providing useful information exists outside of the monopolies of government funded news stations.

Here is a link to a website that was created to take control of your news (literally). It uses machine learning to see both views. it has sliders to select so you can make your own decisions.

If that information isn’t on the news, there are many other streams of information (many are free) that people can choose. If information from news stations were meant to help people, you would see them attempt to provide useful and proactive information. Negative news gets more views and that alone creates a negative feedback loop. If people demand useful information and a competitive environment for information providers, they would evolve to provide it.

Yes a pandemic is horrible, but people should question why the government cannot even use second order thinking to make simple decisions. Really just ask how they can expect to print exponentially more money than ever before (over 30% of all US dollars in circulation have been created this year), without causing a depression and a currency collapse. If you produce more money to bail out failing businesses and people that create minimal or no GDP, you won’t incentivise any production. This creates a cycle that unwinds when people lose faith in the currency. Observe Venezuela, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, and Zimbabwe. If you have a race to the bottom of who can inflate their currency in order to "stimulate" their economies, you will experience the results that we have seen in the past.

A small percentage of improvement, when applied across a large population has significant impact. Everyone that continues to eat large quantities of sugars or neglects their health, and then complains that younger healthier people are going to cause their death from a virus, is being a hypocrite. By that logic, we should expect a magic pill that makes us healthy without any work at all. If everyone focused more on protecting themselves and proactive measures, we would all experience improvements and stronger herd immunity (lower mortality rate with the same spread of virus). Asymmetrical measures like masks should be obvious (low cost and easy to implement), if there is a proven benefit. So is providing useful health advice to all people. If its known that there is always a vitamin D deficiency in North America then why wouldn’t the government implement more suggestions to supplement. There is a noticeable correlation between vitamin D deficiency and negative virus effects. They already use correlation data as an excuse to enforce masks and other regulations.

Not everyone will be eating vitamin enriched foods or getting outside enough. Its an asymmetrical measure to implement. Same with nitric oxide effects and breathing techniques. If you give people options to use instead of spreading fear and hypocritical regulations, people will become more receptive. When a third of the population disbelieves in covid 19, you know the governments are failing at something.

Using money to incentivise people to lead healthier lives would also make more sense. With the amounts of stimulus packages given out, they could have paid for free gym passes (or equipment) or many other things to promote health. All of a sudden when there is a pandemic, they spend and print "free" money for people to stay home. They had these options for proactive approaches before this. Bill gates has been talking about potential pandemic threats for years. Neglected health has been a known issue for decades. Only now there is a reactive approach when it’s too late. All these smart experts fail again and again. This is why there are so many issues in the world and much of the population doesn’t care as long as they live a comfortable life.

If the government spent money to increase wages to healthcare workers and free training for support workers, along with proper incentives for social distancing outside of work, it would have dramatic effects. Look at the numbers of age groups that are affected. If 5 times the deaths are occurring in one age group, then focus 5 times the efforts and money there. The approaches and regulations that are implemented are illogical in many ways (eg: told to go shopping or to work while wearing masks but not allowed to visit friends or family, even with masks?). This has a reverse effect on results as if you don’t use logic, people are more likely not to follow rules and therefore, the rules become pointless. If the government used logical rules, people would follow them. This is one example of first order thinking from the “experts". (Like the cobra effect in Delhi. Too many cobras mean the government puts out bounty on cobra tails. People begin farming cobras and the effect is just more cobras.) If the government actually had experts, they would use second order thinking. Either we are overestimating their abilities, or they have other reasons for doing what they are. This is why there’s mistrust.

If you look at how messed up the economy is, you can quickly see what motivation there is for slowing the velocity of money by locking down everything. If the effects of massive spending was about to trigger hyperinflation if there isn’t enough GDP (work being done) at the same time, that would be logical. There is good reason to have an increase in deaths of the richest generation in the world (the baby boomers).

The baby boomers have large savings, but don’t produce much GDP as they save but don’t spend as much and are mostly retired. The government also has the ability to buy up ownership of companies that are struggling during the pandemic, which allows greater centralized control. The only way the ponzi scheme keeps going is if there are always enough people working while spending. Young people keep the scheme going because of this. If the older generation’s, saved money is dissolved back into the government after death as most of it is, through healthcare costs, capital gains, dependent living, etc, it will reduce pressure on hyperinflation. This is all convenient for the government to carry on their scheme. Strange how the flue numbers decreased this year and that covid 19 affects older people without large effects on children like normal viruses. How often do we here about corruption in governments. Usually there is more happening behind the scenes. Covid 19 makes a pretty good scapegoat if the government wanted to use mimetic theory against us to gain more control.

Whether or not there are ulterior motives, it all seems strange. If all this money goes back into government hands, it will allow the ponzi scheme to continue. Less ownership, more debt that needs to be paid off, and more chance of continuing control over the money printer. This sequence of events is triggered as soon as the currencies aren’t backed by anything like gold. It’s just backed by the government and their military. Just look at history for an example of what can happen next. Nobody stands up when rights are taken away slow enough though.

Every unhealthy person that neglected their own health by choice, is being hypocritical when they think that they deserve to be a toll on the tax and health system. All handouts and stimulus money are just printed money that is being borrowed from the next generations. Every person that understands this should feel guilty if they are not doing everything in their power to improve their own health first. Everyone just wants others to look after them, in a form of socialism. I think there should be a social safety net for those who cannot help themselves but this should not be abused. There is just no incentive for people to take responsibility for their own health, giving out borrowed money from your grandchildren will not create an incentive to improve anything.

This is like giving a heroine addict an unlimited supply of heroine. This will lead towards communism. The only way to solve problems in a humane way is by using the carrot instead of the stick method. Fix the incentive system and give people back their rights. Decentralize control over the money and it will force people to pull their weight, maintain their health, and care about the future. If you choose to spend more time breading fear from watching news when you could be doing something to improve your health or help others while complaining about others, you’re being a hypocrite. If you care about your children and grandchildren, you won’t continue to borrow from the future. This will only damage their life and chance of freedom. To all those lazy parasites that expect others to pull their dead weight through this world, wake up and do something to improve. It’s hard to consider working for money when it starts to be given out for "free", and likely won’t stop. They should stop pointing fingers at everyone else. You make the choice everyday to be what you are. You make your choice every day to stay healthy. This older generation is still grasping their power over governments. Look at the mess we are in and how old the politicians are. They have less and less incentive to make a better future. Bail out after bailout, so they can reach retirement and pass on the hot potato of a failed economy. They are still digging a deeper hole and ruining the future for the next generation. Why don’t they use all their knowledge and experience to try to improve it? They are addicted to debt (spending their kids money).

They have wealth because the system is built like a ponzi scheme. The printed money goes into inflating assets that older generations hold on to like housing. These are not affordable to most younger generations. We are born late into the ponzi scheme so we get to enjoy the collapse, when they got to enjoy the ride up. Inflation is taxing without representation.

Any millennial or gen-z that want to opt out of the ponzi scheme now have a choice. Use your understanding of technology and buy bitcoin. A whole new decentralized system, that was built so the older generations can’t screw it up (out of addiction to comfort). Believe me, they are still trying. Take back your rights and let’s try to fix their mess.

Most older people will tell you that bitcoin is another scam because they won’t stop to understand what it actually is and what potential it has. Do yourself a favour and ask yourself, what is money? Take a look at history and you will quickly see that most issues occur when power becomes corrupt and abused. Every time information and money becomes decentralized, people experience peace. Look at China or Russia for example. The obvious issue is that there is too much centralized control. The same goes for north america these days. There has become so much centralized control over information and money. The only way to get back towards natural law and balance to avoid dictatorships, is to force decentralized information and money.

Luckily there are some older people that are smart enough to realize what kind of trouble the world is in. Jeff Booth is worried for his kids future so he wrote the book, “The Price of Tomorrow”. He’s been trying to convince governments to consider these issues. The governments are slow and likely won’t realize how to do anything until its too late for most people. People need to wake up and realize how quickly the world will change, instead of continuing down the same path.

If I offended you in any way, remember… hurt feelings are at our basic human level, a form of evolution. Change never happens when you’re comfortable.

If you’re interested in learning about bitcoin:



Writing to learn, share ideas, spark curiosity, and improve happiness. Don't take me or life too seriously.

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Writing to learn, share ideas, spark curiosity, and improve happiness. Don't take me or life too seriously.