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History of life, humans, and money.

Overview of time:

We start out as a microorganism in a hydrothermal vent, that may have lived as early as 4.28 Gya (billion years ago), relatively soon after the oceans formed 4.41 Gya, and not long after the formation of the Earth 4.54 Gya.

Primordial soup life:

As these videos explain, survival of the fittest (Darwinism) took place at the basic RNA level after matter became life. As life is consciousness and matter, affected by a change of energy creates life, it can be expressed by:

Life=matter X Δenergy

It is important to note that all genes are stored data (like data stored on your phone or in a computer). As life fights for survival, it filters through unorganized data and organizes it. Organized and stored data is life (or consciousness). Imagine trees as they store data in there tree rings and genetics in there seeds. We categorize life we see every day into more intelligent life if it has more stored data (like we do).

Energy in any form is used to organize data when evolution takes place. When you organize your bedroom you apply energy from the sun that you ate in the form of food. As humans evolved, we’ve learned to worship dense forms of energy like the sun, volcanos, wind, ocean, etc. You can see this referenced in all ancient religions as Helios (sun god), poseidon (sea god), etc. All religions describe gods as powerful (energy dense). Religions formed from groups of people organizing themselves (another form of data organization). If everyone believed in gods, they could apply energy as a group and organize more data to store. They could do this by going to war with groups of people that had different beliefs and stealing there resources (already organized data).

Human History Summary:

An important part of what helped groups of humans get along was trading goods and services. This worked well in small groups but became complex as more people got involved.

As people organized more data, they would discover or create what they desired. This is called technology and is like the evolution of external things. Both technology and evolution use data to improve. As people desired a medium of exchange with the properties described in the last video, they used a process of sorting things of value until gold was selected. Gold was the best option to suit our desires.

A key point to make is that when a fair unit of exchange is used, people can get along without violence. This is because they all agree on the value that they use. As soon as money is manipulated or debased, the money and market becomes unfair. The only way money can be fair is by having the traits of perfect “medium of exchange”.

The characteristics of money are durability, portability, divisibility, uniformity, limited supply, and acceptability.

The history of money:

Evolution of money:

All the problems we are experiencing today are results of having imperfect money. Our money today is definitely not limited in supply as the debt counter shows money being printed at an exponential rate.

World debt clocks:

Gold worked well but isn’t actually limited as it is always being mined. It isn’t very portable as we’ve adapted to using paper I.O.U.s to account for this. It also can be counterfeit by dilution. These lacking properties give governments full control and power corrupts them. Governments were supposed to be there for the people to serve the people but we’ve grown accustomed to the opposite.

Never in history have humans found a perfect medium of exchange that would allow for a fair system. This is obvious when observing how much violence and misunderstanding there has been. Bitcoin was the discovery of the perfect medium of exchange in 2008. It is a complex and technical discovery but because of how important it is, I assure you that it is worth it. We all have the ability to improve the world by learning and evolving.

What is bitcoin?:

Bitcoin is very important as it is our only choice to maintain our human rights when it comes to avoiding centralized currencies. As people may have seen on the news lately, the Chinese government is abusing their power and stealing human rights away from citizens. Over 95 countries are authoritarian. As we are very close to an economic crisis, the governments are already planning to use more centralized digital currencies to “stimulate” the economy. This could be the start of communism and authoritarianism like China. We already sell our information and rights to companies like Facebook and Google in exchange for services. If we don’t decide to change at a personal level then our rights will be removed whether we like it or not. Human rights were fought for in the past and we only just made it out of Hitler’s reign of terror with some luck. Unless we allow those in power to take our rights- they cannot.

Whats happening in China:

How your energy can protest:

When you buy local you protest or vote that community is important. That you support your neighbors and appreciate the goods that they produce. When you wear brand names, you proudly show off that you voted for those producers. This kind of communication/ voting is important as it creates changes that we want in the world. It is also important as it is the safest and least violent way to protest. You don’t put yourself at risk from crowds of people that may turn violent or be controlled. These days when crowds are restricted and people are more polarized, it becomes even more important. People get upset when they feel like they aren’t heard. I’m telling you that this is a way to be heard. We don’t always have access to products or ways of storing wealth/energy to vote for what we want. Sometimes we do but we don’t understand the product’s voting message. Take companies that used sweat shops for production, for example. People that didn’t know about their production methods could have been voting for something that they don’t believe in, but completely unaware of it. The act of not buying or boycotting producers or wealth storage options are just as strong forms of voting against them. I believe that the opportunity to vote for most of the things that people are upset about these days, is available today. Bitcoin as a store of wealth provides a ballot box for human rights and freedoms. Storing your long term savings in paper money (fiat currency) is voting against them, while also depreciating around 10% per year from "money printing".
This voting, communication, or protesting is achieved through price signals.
Money is stored energy or work and that’s why investing money is letting your stored energy work for you over time. Protesting is trying to vote when an election isn’t happening by spending your time marching and communicating to others. This is the same as going to work and spending that stored energy to pay someone else to protest for you. It is also the same as donating your energy/money to a cause or charity. It matters how you store your money and it communicates what you believe in while being stored. If you imagine one hour of your time being worth 15$ (as that’s your wage), then that energy can be stored and protesting or communicating at the same time. What does storing energy in bitcoin protest or communicate? That you don’t agree with the government having too much power over people. That inflation and money printing isn’t right. That people should be able to store their time without it being stolen from them. That you agree you should be able to store energy from working, to pass down to your children without it losing value over time . That if people create technology that provides abundance, the abundance should be experienced by everyone at fair value. That the real values of goods and services should be experienced. The more you learn about Bitcoin, the more you can decide if that is something you would like to vote on.

How wages are calculated and how time is stolen:

You don’t need to be an electrician or engineer to clearly see how important electricity is for humanity. Imagine the paradigm shift and disbelief from skeptical people without the understanding of electricity when it was being discovered. Electricity is important as it gave humans the ability to do work with less human time. (Power= Volts X Amps= Work/ΔTime=ΔEnergy/ΔTime= Money/ΔTime= $/Hr= Wages). Electricity saves human time and money and that’s why it’s so important. Humans store their money in currency like a battery. Every battery loses its stored power over time through inefficiency. This happens with money through inflation (as the total supply of the currency increases, the energy stored in it decreases). Bitcoin is the invention of a perfect battery with zero loss. If you store your energy in bitcoin, the storage efficiency increases as the total production of bitcoin decreases. Michael Saylor is the founder of Microstrategy and is successful in investing in technology because he thinks in these ways (he’s an aeronautics engineer). This is the reason that he has invested over 1 billion dollars into bitcoin in the last few months. He realized how important bitcoin is. I will say something that sounds crazy now to most people, but only because it’s at the early stages of something comparable to electricity or the internet. Bitcoin is just as important as electricity and the internet for humanity. It’s being overlooked everyday by skeptics. It’s more powerful than the idea of democracy as it removes corruptible power from the government and allows people to actually vote for what they want from the government. You might want to take another look at it, as many of the world’s richest people are only now waking up to what potential it carries. Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, Rauol Pal, Bill Miller, and many others are already investing. Just look at how improving batteries with lithium ion technology created trillions of dollars worth of new inventions. If you apply that perspective to how much energy loss there is in the monetary system because of ever-growing inflation, you can see what an opportunity bitcoin is. It also has many other important features.




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