Decentralized Control vs Authoritarianism:

Johann Gevers explains how important decentralized society is for human prosperity:

Every successful technology solves a problem and how large/important the problem is, determines its’ value. If you observe what problems bitcoin solves, you will realize that it is likely the most valuable technology that we may ever see in our lifetime (excluding electricity and the internet).
If you watch "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix, you will quickly realize that there is a problem with centralized control over information.

If you haven’t, here’s a video talking about the effects of social media:

This centralized control of how we stream data in exchange for our attention, incentivised companies to create algorithms that manipulate us for profit. This attention creates echo chambers (reconfirmation bias) and polarization between people. It spreads mistrust and false information, which causes chaos and violence. It abuses our dopamine producing loops to form addictions to centrally controlled applications.

The core driver for these companies is profit. Profit in the form of money. Money is a form of energy storage and transmission that we choose to use. The financial system we use is also centralized, as the government decides how much money to print and how it is distributed. Every time in history where centralized systems are used for human interaction, human rights are abused because control of centralized power is corruptible.

The only way to remove this temptation of control, is by taking power from a centralized system and using or storing it in a decentralized system. The largest form of power/energy that can be controlled in the world, is in the form of money or currencies. The only decentralized financial system available today that has the ability to replace our corrupt system is bitcoin. Therefore, the only way to change to a decentralized distribution of power that cannot be corrupted, is by taking power that you control and storing or using it in the bitcoin network. The more centralized the power becomes, the more likely humans will experience wars and dictatorships. Democracy is simply a form of decentralizing people’s control, in the form of voting. As we’ve seen in the past elections and from “The Social Dilemma”, people are susceptible to voting manipulation through social media (which is a centralized controlled system that governments can abuse). The longer we use centralized control systems, the more we will suffer. Corruption compounds unless you break the cycle.

If you’re interested in learning more about bitcoin:

If you’re interested in learning more about bitcoin:



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