Bitcoin Applies Science to Value:

To continue down the road of evolution, humans may need to re-frame their perspective of separation of consciousness, with arbitrary borders (communities, countries, etc.). Whether anyone does this at an individual, level matters much less than at a international level. We’ve been stumbling as a species as a whole, because the world brain is segregating its "brain network paths". When you view international currency as a global consciousness language protocol, you can realize the inefficiency that we have now.

Every trade deal and purchase (exchange of data) is impeded by language translation (currency exchange) that is restricted by regulations and government interests. Bitcoin repairs this by providing global consciousness with a standardized language protocol, for the brain to use. The clunky system that we use now creates so many inefficiencies, that cause symptoms like wars and environmental issues. Unlocking the global brain/consciousness potential with a clear language will drastically improve the human species cooperation. The “bitcoin currency protocol” will allow a reference or world measurement device for all other forms of value. Imagine how efficient the world would be if everyone spoke the same language. Music is like a universal language that anyone can interpret in their own pleasurable way. Everything is some form of communication or data exchange.

It seems so ridiculous that we’ve been using the currency system that we do now, confusing ourselves every time we try to describe something’s value. Even gold’s value is "floating" because its dynamic (more is being produced, nobody knows how much there is or will be, it can be manipulated, etc.). Anything that you choose to measure something’s value with has this floating effect, as it is like using a ruler made from a spring. The units of measurement can always change, depending on it’s used. Humans are always at a loss with value measurement and it shows.

Every argument stems from people that are speculating on value. Whether you are buying a car and trying to measure its value in order to get a deal (trying to buy it for less than its true value), or buying/selling stocks to make or save your valued energy (money), that you’ve worked for. Every single misunderstanding stems from a lack of standard measuring device. It’s like trying to use science and logic for everything important in life, but not having access to measurement. You cannot perform science without measurement. Bitcoin is the necessary tool for value measurement that humans have always needed. Logic can be used when humans have a measurement of all the worlds value. As the value in the world increases (abundance), the constant value measurement tool references this. Everyone using this tool will experience when value is created in the world.

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