Many people don’t have enough extra time in the day to read or educate themselves about money and finances. Financial education is not offered in most schools.

Man’s Search For Memeing:

I wrote this to meme you into believing what I want…

Fungi Economies Solve Wealth Inequality:

To solve our existing wealth gap, we can look to nature for a solution (as we’ve always done for evolution). The problem is essentially a "free flow of information and money"- problem. Fungus solves this naturally in its environment, but humans keep restricting information flow and manipulating markets. Money is the information transfer in markets (but we’ve been missing efficient global, digital internet money). Using analog forms of information just restrict flow and exclude the majority of impoverished people. Digitizing money globally and allowing the rest of the 6 billion people that cannot access…

The Law of Large Numbers and News:

Here is a link to a website that was created to take control of your news (literally). It uses machine learning to see both views. it has sliders to select so you can make your own decisions.

“We cannot control what people think, but we can control what people think about"- unknown

Wealth Gap Equals Evolutionary Gap:

Humans have evolved to react in a smaller/micro environment where fight or flight meant life or death (with predators). Fear of missing out meant life or death (for resources), causing humans to maintain a high time preference. This translates to many people today, that still rely on these traits in today’s environment. Our environment in the last hundred years is much different compared to the one we are used to (70,000 years or more). This creates negative effects because the environment is larger/macro. Because our environment has changed from life or death being potentially imminent…

Rethinking discomfort:

When you learn to walk, you are learning balance. If you trip and fall, you better hope that it doesn’t happen near the edge of cliff. I fear that sapiens are nearing that cliff edge.

Balance- noun. a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc. something used to produce equilibrium; counterpoise. mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc. a state of bodily equilibrium: He lost his balance and fell down the stairs.

Why does bitcoin have intrinsic value?:

When people ask why bitcoin (the unit) has no intrinsic value, they must try to understand that Bitcoin (the network) is a network (like the internet), but of value exchange instead of other information, that uses bitcoin (medium of exchange) like a unit measurement for value. Imagine if the internet had a maximum amount of data that could be sent around (21 million terabytes for a simple example). Because it is so necessary for humans to use the internet, that space (each terabyte) would be very valuable. Now imagine you can own rights to…

One of the most important issues in that is talked about in the world today is climate change. Humans are over consuming resources and causing damage to the world. I originally thought about “going green” as the solution, but realized that this is not enough. The problem runs deeper. Some would argue that the earth is overpopulated and whether or not that’s true, reducing life is never an option on the table. Human desires and needs would be the next logical option to reduce.

Why do we consume so much?

The definition of necessity differs from person to person.


Mimetic Theory and Cooperation:

Why Bitcoin could be the most peaceful and fair tool for humans to get along without losing human rights:

Humans have natural tendencies. An anthropologist named Rene Girard is known for mimetic theory. (All conflict, competition and rivalry therefore originate in mimetic desire (mimetic rivalry), which eventually reaches destructive stages of conflict both between individuals and social groups that requires them to blame someone or something in order to defuse conflict through the scapegoat mechanism. -Wikipedia)

As centralized control of information and currencies tend to use this theory against the population in order to gain…

Make the Future You Want:

Anyone that doesn’t take their health seriously, and then blames everyone else for not keeping them alive is being a hypocrite. It’s well known that covid 19 is a virus that attacks the human cardiovascular system, and to keep your cardiovascular system healthy is critical to avoid death. Vitamin deficiency, poor diet, and lack of exercise is a main contributor to poor health. Viruses attack and affect weaker immune systems. The world has always worked around the rules of natural law (Darwinism is survival of the fittest and now, also the smartest).
If people that decide…


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